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Google’s DoubleClick™ products are a tool for advertisers and publishers to sell or purchase online advertising in one platform across several networks.  Some of the world’s top marketers, publishers, ad networks and agencies use DoubleClick to market their products and services online.  InterSearchMediaIs a DoubleClick consulting firm that prides itself on using methods developed by Dr. Celestine Chukumba to improve fledgling campaigns and make them more successful. Dr. Chukumba has extensive expertertise in ad serving, media planning, search management, rich media, video and mobile, and has created a new standard in advertising metrics analysis that stems from his rigor in economics.

Dr.  Chukumba has taken his learnings from Adwords and improved them to make comprehensive DoubleClick campaigns that just “work better”:   There are only a few DoubleClick consulting firms in the New Jersey New York Philadelphia area and we count ourselves amongst the finest.

InterSearchMedia we can help you choose the proper partners, networks to work with and impression optimization techniques that will improve your DoubleClick account:

We can help you with:

  • Bulk DoubleClick Insertion Orders
  • DoubleClick Reporting
  • DoubleClick Campaign Optimization
  • 3rd Party DoubleClick mpression Verification