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Programmatic Buying Is The Wave Of The Future:

Programmatic media marketing utilizes various technologies to automate ad buying and optimization of media inventory, with less human interaction.  The increase in spending year over year is increasing exponentially with $58.6 billion digital in advertising spending this year.  There are various issues with programmatic buying that makes it particularly challenging for companies that don’t understand the space and want to cross promote on several devices.

Because their are less humans interacting to buy or sell media, this doesn’t mean programmatic buying doesn’t include malicious practices such as bot fraud and some advertisers or agencies look to run ads on too many networks and lose management performance KPIs.  Viewability is even more important as less actual eyes manage advertising campaigns.

Dont Just Use MRC and IAB

We help our clients decide which programmatic buying channels will work for them and which metrics will help them best achieve their creative and marketing goals. Use MRC and IAB standards and recommendations to guide your company but it’s important to create your own goals and objectives.

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