Web Analytics Services

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Website Analytics, Traffic Reporting, Data Collection and Measurement

Our Web Analytics consulting team measures, collects and analyzes internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing website usage.  We help firms increase traffic by measuring traffic sources and keywords to determine the effectiveness of their overall internet marketing campaign.  We collect data and inform companies that wish to identify new sources of internet traffic and sales.  InterSearchMedia works with small firms, large enterprises, brands and marketers to calculate how new internet consumers can find their products and services.  We combine our Website Analytics with our Website Usability consulting services to help our clients increase revenue using cutting edge statistical analysis specifically tailored towards identifying trends on the internet.

Web Traffic Analytics, Conversion Tracking, Goal Funnel Analysis

Website usability largely determines internet advertising, content consumption, call to action and marketing success or failure.  InterSearchMedia uses data from eye-tracking studies, surveys from site visitors, live in-house site questionnaires -statistics to help websites outperform their competitors.

InterSearchMedia website analytics is value oriented and based on providing measurable results.  We work with local PPC and SEO firms to help streamline their conversion tracking and web traffic reporting.  InterSearchMedia website analytics conversion consultants work together with firms, brands and marketers to collect and disseminate website traffic revenue statistics to help our clients understand how to improve customer retention and sales.

InterSearchMedia – Website Analytics, Strategy, Eye Tracking, Cart Analysis

InterSearchMedia Website Analytics services are geared to improving our clients performance using statistical analysis.  We have developed a proven method for improving client campaign performance by combining econometrics and cutting edge marketing techniques. Our consultants can help any website improve traffic and sales.

  • Conversion Funnel Auditing
  • Click Overlay Analysis
  • Call to Action Troubleshooting
  • Surveys and Feasibility Studies
  • General Web Analytics Consulting

InterSearchMedia – Website Analytics, KPI Performance Tracking – Consulting

InterSearchMedia consultants can evaluate any website and help create a revenue generating user experience.  We provide our clients with surveys, research and studies to complement click overlay analysis. We are familiar with most web analytics platforms and can integrate web analytics platforms to help facilitate easy reporting and key performance indicator KPI tracking.