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How Dr. Celestine O. Chukumba Changed How You Order Food Online: The Case Study


At the forefront of digital transformation in the online food ordering industry stands Dr. Celestine O. Chukumba, the founder of InterSearchMedia NYC Digital Marketing Agency, a distinguished SEO and PPC consultant. In a highly competitive landscape where giants like Grubhub dominated, Dr. Chukumba played a pivotal role in reshaping Seamless, a player in the industry, through strategic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.


In an era marked by intense competition among online food ordering platforms, Seamless faced challenges in establishing itself as a prominent choice for users. Competing against industry giants like Grubhub and others, Seamless needed to elevate its online visibility, attract a larger user base, and secure a prominent position on search engine result pages.

Strategies Employed:

Driven by his expertise in SEO and PPC, Dr. Chukumba executed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Seamless. Utilizing a similar framework as employed in the Jango case study, he conducted a detailed analysis, including a website audit, keyword research, and competitor analysis. The focus areas included on-page and off-page optimization, PPC campaigns, and continuous monitoring for improvement. He was hired by Seamless which was called SeamlessWeb at the time, due to his success in getting on the first page in Google for the keywords "free music" and other related competitive terms


- On-Page Optimization: Dr. Chukumba fine-tuned technical aspects, improved website structure, and optimized content to align seamlessly with user intent.

- Off-Page Optimization: Leveraging strategic link-building efforts, he enhanced Seamless's online authority through high-quality backlinks.

- PPC Campaigns: Dr. Chukumba implemented targeted PPC campaigns, ensuring Seamless appeared prominently in paid search results for relevant queries.


- Improved Rankings: Dr. Chukumba's strategic SEO efforts propelled Seamless to the first page for critical keywords like "order food online" and "food delivery."

- Competitive Edge: Despite strong competition, Seamless achieved and maintained a top-ranking position, securing a competitive advantage in the online food ordering space.

- Sustained Presence: Dr. Chukumba's continuous monitoring and optimization efforts ensured Seamless's sustained visibility and relevance in the evolving online landscape.


- Market Positioning: The transformative SEO and PPC strategies significantly contributed to Seamless's market positioning, allowing it to compete effectively with industry giants.

- User Acquisition: Seamless attracted a larger user base, driven by its enhanced visibility and top-ranking status, solidifying its standing as a go-to platform for online food ordering.

Lessons Learned and Recommendations:

- Adaptability: Dr. Chukumba's success emphasizes the importance of adapting strategies to the dynamic online landscape.

- Continuous Monitoring: Regular monitoring and adjustments are crucial for maintaining and improving online visibility.

- Strategic PPC: The integration of PPC campaigns complements SEO efforts, providing an additional avenue for visibility.

Testimonial from Dr. Celestine O. Chukumba:

Dr. Chukumba reflects on the enduring impact of the SEO and PPC campaigns, noting how they transformed Seamless into a leading player in the online food ordering industry. His strategies, rooted in SEO and PPC expertise, continue to shape the platform's success and influence industry practices. "This was an exciting project to work on and I'm happy to see that the major food delivery services still employ most of the techniques I developed years ago. It's also very satisfying to see these methods still working with Seamless ranking currently with the same architecture from years ago."

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